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What we believe in
Our goal is to help you produce the highest quality cold brew at an affordable price.

What we do

Brubender Extraction Technology is the cold extraction leader for the coffee industry. We specialize in providing small to large producers ways to get their cold brew coffee to market by offering low Minimum order quantities of custom cold brew coffee. Our Patent Pending technology produces the highest quality cold brew at an affordable price. We achieve ideal extraction through the use of force and speed. Our proprietary “cold only”process goes from bean to cold brew in under one hour.


Wholesale Scalability

Brubender works with any size shop to give them a concentrate that is easy to resell to clients. We will take your cold brew recipe to new heights and then offer you the ability to scale and get your coffee to more markets.


Ready to Drink Cold Brew Cans

Whether you are looking for 500 or 100,000 cans Brubender has you covered. Set up a phone call with our experts to talk through your needs and find the solution that fits.

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